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(Start in 2023) Save for reward points and free presents! When your flag reaches a present, a message will be waiting for you right here! 


For every purchase at InterFlag, you get reward points. That means: free presents! Every time you purchase something, you raise your flag up. When your flag reaches a present, you can pick a free gift. We have many gifts waiting for you and we can’t wait to surprise you with them!


  • You will collect 1 point for every €100 spent.
  • This € 100,- may also be divided over several orders.
  • Everytime you reach a gift, you can choose between 3 gifts
  • A higher flag, means better presents.
  • This promotion is valid annually from January to December. Every January your flag starts from the bottom.


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It is best to create your files in the following formats: .pdf, .eps or .ai (with outline). If possible, the artwork should be in its original size, with a resolution of at least 150 DPI (dots per inch). The best resolution for a cloth is 300 DPI. Please make sure that you work with vectors, because vectors ensure that the image is not blurred even in large formats. In addition, vectors reduce the size of the file, which is important in large print formats.


When you deliver a full-color draft, it will be executed in digital printing. You can deliver your file in CMYK. If you want us to consider PMS values, you can process them in your file. Please inform us in advance. Please note that the PMS values ​​can only be approximated with digital printing.

If a cloth is to be screen printed, then this is only possible with PMS values. Please always go out of C (coated). It must always be 100% solid colors. If your image does not have one, look for an alternative spot color that comes close to the desired result.

We can also apply halftone printing. However, this is a completely different process, whereby a special screen printing technique must be used. In this case, it is possible to work with percentages of spot colors. If you need more information or help with creating the print template, we are at your disposal.

You can send a print template up to 25 Mb by e-mail, for larger files we recommend using a service such as WeTransfer of Google Drive. It is important to always mention the associated order number when sending in order to avoid misunderstandings.