About us

who are we?

Intervlag is a producer of flags and SEG fabrics for resellers. With our own production we prove that flags can be produced in the Netherlands and we are convinced that they do not have to be produced in low-wage countries.

After the establishment in 2010, Intervlag still has the ambition to be the specialist in the field of flags and SEG fabrics. With almost 30 employees, we work hard every day to offer our partners the best possible service. We do this with a lot of knowledge, enthusiasm and a healthy Rotterdam mentality.


It's simple, we do have good service and fast delivery times.

Service is of course different for everyone. For us service is that we like to think with you when selling to the customer, get to know you personally and ensure that the ordering process is easy.

With us, fast delivery times means that you can get it within a day. The regular process has a delivery time of 3 days. 

the people that make it happen

Steven Bos
Jenny Verheij
Mick van Leeuwen
Nick van Gelder nick@intervlag.nl
Anna Sinnige anna@intervlag.nl
Massa Tayara
Robbert van der Eem robbert@intervlag.nl
Glenn Godvliet glenn@intervlag.nl

Teamleader sales

Tim Schoonheijm tim@intervlag.nl
Michael van den Bos michael@intervlag.nl
Iris van Vlaardingen iris@intervlag.nl
Luc Louwman
Tim Bouwman
Julien Tol
Alex Kop Jansen
Stefania Olteanu
Natasha Flanegin
Katja Aleksyeyeva
Natallia Hancharova
Marina van der Hart
Maria Tsoumpa