Save for reward points and free presents! When your flag reaches a present, a message will be waiting for you right here!


For every purchase at InterFlag, you get reward points. That means: free presents! Every time you purchase something, you raise your flag up. When your flag reaches a present, you can pick a free gift. We have many gifts waiting for you and we can’t wait to surprise you with them!


  • You will collect 1 point for every €100 spent.
  • This € 100,- may also be divided over several orders.
  • Everytime you reach a gift, you can choose between 3 gifts
  • A higher flag, means better presents.
  • This promotion is valid annually from January to December. Every January your flag starts from the bottom.

About us


InterVlag(also known as InterFlag) is a producer of flags en textile fabrics for resellers in the Netherlands. We are serious about bringing back production to the west. We compete on price and excel in service. No compromises!

After the establishment in 2010, InterFlag has an ever increasing ambition to be the specialist in the field of flags and textile fabrics. With almost 30 employees, we work hard every day to offer our partners the best possible service. We do this with a lot of knowledge, enthusiasm and a healthy Rotterdam mentality. Curious about what that means? Try us!


We speak your language, we are close by and we understand your needs as a reseller.

We understand these are just words, but almost since our founding date we chose to work with resellers only and since then we have grown together with our resellers to where we are now. That means we have developed a strong relationship with our resellers and a good amount of experience. This experience is used on a daily basis to improve our products and service. Your growth is our growth, that is a fact we realize very well and will always act upon.

The people who do it for you!

Alex Kop Jansen
Ana Valerio Guimaraes dos Reis
Anna Sinnige
Askin Kilisli
Charine Martina
Danay de Geus
Erika Dancs
Glenn Godvliet

Teamleader sales

Iris van Vlaardingen
Julien Tol
Laken van Dyk
Luc Louwman
Maria Tsoumpa
Michael van den Bos
Mischa Vleghaar
Natallia Hancharova
Natasha Flanegin
Nick van Gelder
Novarina van Nieuwkasteele
Nurgul Altuntas
Ramon Spanjersberg @
Robbert van der Eem
Robin Tschepurnoj
Stefania Olteanu
Steven Bos
Tila Varol
Tim Bouwman
Tim Schoonheijm
Ute Mühlhausen
Violeta Krištić